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We hope all our clients, friends and families are staying well, safe and healthy.

Most of our staff are working from home. Those who can’t continue to work under the most stringent safety measures to ensure we do all we can to help our customers, some of whom are involved in completing critical projects. We thank all our staff for their contribution at this difficult time.

Introducing the new NexusGEO Bluetooth Interface

The NexusGEO connects a wide range of sensors with analogue or digital outputs to an Android smart device so data can easily be accessed on site by a smartphone or tablet.

Specially developed by Geosense, it is designed to offer inter-operability between sensors and the Android device leading to increased processing capability and connectivity.

The user can simply read and store data or read, store and transmit it via a mobile network. Itcan be used on any Android device. 



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The new NexusGEO Bluetooth Interface from Geosense connects a wide range of...