This section provides a mixture of technical notes and knowledge articles which we hope will be of interested to those involved in Instrumentation and Monitoring projects.

All articles are written using individual authors’ personal experience and published information from the world of Geotechnical Instrumentation. They are not intended to replace any Engineer’s specification. They are intended for use as guides and education and also provide the opportunity to raise awareness of areas where problems are often encountered within the industry.

Vibrating wire surface mount strain gauge VWS-2000 series

Introduction to VW Strain Gauges

Looking at the different types of strain gauges their principle of operation, applications and tips for installation

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Geosense standard vibrating wire piezometer VWP-3000 series with cable

Introduction to Vibrating Wire Piezometers

All you've ever wanted to know about Vibrating Wire piezometers including selection and installation.

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Post Brexit image

Post Brexit – the new UKCA compliance

What the new UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark means and when you'll be seeing it.

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How to identify problems in the field through simple resistance diagnostics with readily available equipment.

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Geosense MEMS In-Place Bi-axial Tilt Meter

An introduction to Tilt Meters

Their types, selection, installation and operation together with toubleshooting.

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Anachaic chamber for EMC testing

EMI – real site examples

Looking at occasions when EMI from the most unlikely sources affects the quality of data.

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Geosense Portable MEMS inclinometer with cable, cable gates, reel and Smart Android DEvice

Portable inclinometer – system components & use

A look at the key features of the Geosense Portable Inclinometer plus installation tips and troubleshooting.

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Uplift piezometers with manometers and vibrating wire transducers

Piezometer – sensor, system or both?

Is a piezometer a sensor, a system or a field instrument? We take a look at its past and where it sits today.

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Introduction to Magnetic Extensometers

Explaining their key components and configurations together with installation considerations.

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