Deep Foundations

Doha Airport

The Doha Metro is a rapid transit system in Doha, Qatar’s capital city, which became operational on 8 May 2019. It has three lines with an approximate overall length of 76 km and 37 stations. It is an integral component of the larger Qatar Rail network, which will include a long-distance rail for passengers and freight, linking Qatar to the GCC, and the Lusail LRT. Capable of reaching 100 km/h, the Doha Metro will be one of the fastest driverless trains in the world.

The new Doha International Airport links to rail stations in central Doha and was built in phases on a 22 sq km site adjacent to Doha’s existing airport, with half the site being on reclaimed land.

Part of the initial works included building an underground box 20 metres deep and 300 metres long to house the future completed station terminal connecting the new International Airport to rail stations in central Doha.




Project Summary

  • Name
  • Doha Airport
  • Location
  • Dohar, Qatar
  • Date
  • 2011
  • Client
  • Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
  • Contractor
  • Group Five Construction
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • W J Groundwater
  • Consultant
  • Mott MacDonald


Monitoring lateral movement of the diaphragm walls and strain within the internal props was required to verify the design and ensure the safety of the construction.

A total of 288 in-place MEMS inclinometers (digital bus) were installed within inclinometer casing to accurately measure and obtain a complete displacement profile of the diaphragm wall. The use of a bussed system meant that significant savings on cable could be made.

266 surface mount VW strain gauges were welded along the internal props to measure strain in order to allow the force in the struts to be calculated.

All instruments performed well in the harsh environment of the Middle East where daytime temperatures exceeded 50 degrees Celsius and provided reliable and stable results over the course of the project to the satisfaction of the main contractor, consultant and client’s representatives.

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