Atmospheric view of train on viaduct in rural Denmark

Gardemobanen Venjar – Eidsvoll Rail Track

In 2018, NCC won a contract with Bane NOR to build a stretch of double track on the rail line from Venjar to north of Eidsvoll station in Akershus, Norway. The new double track is due to be operational by autumn 2022 and the contract work fully completed by summer 2023.

Around four kilometers of new double track will also be built north of Eidsvoll. In addition, there will be a 380m soft-ground tunnel, several rail bridges and culverts and rail engineering upgrades at Eidsvoll station. In total, over a million cubic meters of earth will have to be excavated from the site.

The project involved the following challenges:

  •  Extensive soft ground & clay deposits.
  •  Existing track operated as normal a few meters from the construction area.
  •  Important historic buildings (Eidsvoll church and rectory) close to the site.
  •  Important environmental and nature (wildlife and agricultural) area close by.

Project Summary

  • Name
  • Gardemobanen Venjar – Eidsvoll Rail Track
  • Location
  • Norway
  • Date
  • Autumn 2018 – Summer 2023
  • Client
  • Bane NOR
  • Contractor
  • NCC Norge AS
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • Cautus Geo AS
  • Consultant
  • NGI


The project involved a substantial amount of geotechnical instrumentation. Cautus Geo started the installation in February 2019 and continued through 2019 and into 2020.

The installation of load cells was carried out from September 2019 to February 2020.

Both the contractor and client will get early warnings if unforeseen events occur.

In a press release,  assistant project manager Marcus Olsson of NCC, said:

“The job Cautus Geo performs is absolutely crucial. We have to have control over everything that can move in the ground. The job is too extensive to be done manually.”

Cautus Geo added: The functionality and operation of the unusually high capacity loadcells has been confirmed as a robust and reliable system with measurements every 10 minutes the past 6 months.