IPI-X Installation

An historic operational sewer runs 10m below this development site. The public body that owns the sewer required monitoring throughout the piling stage to alert if ground displacement at the sewer reaches or exceeds a threshold.

This project was the first time the combined instruments had been installed in this country. 

The interchangeable sensor design provides many configuration options and the targeting of specific areas of concern/movement/strata.

Consultation at bid stage ensured site-specific configurations were selected and the relevant borehole diameter and depth planned for. 

The 400mm extensometer sensor range was beneficial to both installation and expected movements.

Before installation, online training with the site team was undertaken ensured familiarity. This was delivered via an independent I&M expert, sharing installation knowledge, site considerations, and experiences. 

Project Summary

  • Name
  • IPI-X Installation
  • Location
  • Ireland
  • Date
  • 2022
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • Lloyds Datum Group T/A Datum Monitoring Ireland Ltd

Geosense IPI-X was selected to provide settlement, heave, and inclination monitoring for full 3D profiling per borehole. 

The gateway provided remote data access in common formats:

  • .csv files 
  • IPI outputs sine of angle converted to degrees
  • IPX (extensometer instrument) outputs engineering units in metres 

The inclinometer and extensometer data sets were graphed separately. This was presented and analysed via the specialist’s preferred visualisation platform.