Tunnels and Metros

Jakarta Mass Rapid Rail Transport, Phase 1, CP104/5

The CP104 and CP105 construction sections include a total of 3.89 kms of 6.05m twin tube tunnelling, four underground stations – Senayan, Istora, Bendungan Hilir, and Setiabudi – and a cut-and-cover transition structure of almost 500m in length to connect the below and above ground sections.

Two special challenges were posed by this project: It was Indonesia’s first shield tunnel construction and the construction of underground stations using the cut-and-cover and top-down method on Sudirman Street, a major street consisting of 12 lanes.

Diaphragm walls were installed to form the station boxes followed by excavation and construction of the slabs from roof downwards as excavation progressed.

Entrances and ventilation shafts were constructed using bottom up construction method and steel struts and walers used to prop open the excavation.

Project Summary

  • Name
  • Jakarta Mass Rapid Rail Transport, Phase 1, CP104/5
  • Location
  • Indonesia
  • Date
  • 2015-17
  • Contractor
  • SOWJ Joint Venture
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • PT Sarana Jaya
  • Consultant
  • Mott MacDonald Ltd


Monitoring included:

  • Soldier piles
    Inclinometer casing behind soldier piles for manual inclinometer surveys and monitor ground deflections.
  • Internal struts
    VW Strain gauges were installed on the internal struts to monitor strain.
  • D-Walls
    VW Sister Bar strain gauges were installed in the steel cages.
  • Line of tunnel
    Automatic VW Borehole Rod Extensometers and manual Magnetic Extensometers to monitor settlements. VW piezometers to monitor pore water pressures.
  • Tunnel segment Lining
    Total Pressure cells to monitor external pressures
  • Data acquisition
    Multi-sensor stand-alone loggers together with manual readouts