Water reservoir at Shadaq leisure centre in Azerbaijan

Shahdag Tourism Complex

Shahdag Tourism Complex is located in the north eastern of the Caucasus near to city of Gusar which is 180km away from Baku in Azerbaijan. When it is completed, the complex will provide a number of activities for the visitors both in summer and winter period.

The Tourism Complex will be located within the Shahdag National Park, which is known for having an intact ecological system and an untouched flora and fauna.

Project Summary

  • Name
  • Shahdag Tourism Complex
  • Location
  • Azerbaijan
  • Date
  • August 2013
  • Client
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Contractor
  • DiA Holding FZCO
  • Consultant
  • Enargeo


The most critical section of the tourism complex is the 24m high earth dam which is an artificial reservoir with a 15900m3 capacity which will be used for water storage during the lifetime of the project to provide a continuous water supply for snow production. Therefore, a monitoring system is required for both construction control and the long-term performance and overall stability of the reservoir.

The vertical settlement and lateral displacement in the reservoir body will be monitored by a number of borehole locations which include vertical or horizontal inclinometer systems and a number of vertical inclinometer systems combined with a magnetic extensometer system allowing the acquisition of data for both horizontal and vertical displacement from a single borehole.