Veijle hospital
Ground Investigation

Vejle Hospital

The new Psychiatric Facility built adjacent to Vejle Hospital in Vejle, Denmark provides a psychiatric emergency room, a children’s and youth department and about 100 psychiatric beds.

The new facility was built on an embankment of approximately 20.000 m² on postglacial organic clay. The embankment was constructed as part of preparation of the building site. The filling height of approximately 4.5 m was carried out stepwise to prevent failure in the sub soil.

Project Summary

  • Name
  • Vejle Hospital
  • Location
  • Denmark
  • Date
  • July 2014 – 2017
  • Client
  • Region of Southern Denmark
  • Contractor
  • MT Hojgaard A/S
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • GEO AB


To speed up the consolidation process vertical drains are installed in a 3m grid and VW piezometers are installed to monitor the dissipation of porewater pressure and determine when to continue filling and to document the completion of the consolidation process.

Piezometers are installed with the CPT- rig adjacent to existing borings approx. 2 meters into the soft soil using.

Settlements are monitored with plates installed next to the piezometers.

A suitable pressure range was required to avoid over range causing permanent deformation of diaphragm. The installation method including a drive-in adaptor which can be made to suit various CPT rods and is retrievable. The hole was backfilled with bentonite, but grout could have been used.

A monitor tab allows viewing of the piezometer during installation to ensure they are not driven in too quickly.