Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam is an arch dam located 10 miles from Kandy. It is130 mi (209 km) upstream of the Mahaweli River’s mouth and 4 mi (6 km) from Teldeniya. Its main purposes are irrigation and hydroelectric power production.

It is the tallest dam in Sri Lanka, and supports a 210 MW power station, the largest hydroelectric power station in the country.

Construction of the dam commenced in 1978 and was completed April 1985.


Project Summary

  • Name
  • Victoria Dam
  • Location
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka
  • Client
  • MAHAWELI Authority of Sri Lanka
  • Contractor
  • ELS Construction (Pvte) Ltd
  • Instrumentation Specialist
  • Sigma Geotechnical
  • Consultant
  • Sigma Geotechnical


As part of on-going monitoring two 3D vibrating wire crack meters were installed on the upstream and downstream faces near the crest of the dam. The vibrating wire displacement sensors were cabled back to a datalogger located within the central control room.