Vibrating wire surface mount strain gauge VWS-2000 series

Introduction to VW Strain Gauges

Looking at the different types of strain gauges their principle of operation, applications and tips for installation

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Geosense standard vibrating wire piezometer VWP-3000 series with cable

Introduction to Vibrating Wire Piezometers

All you've ever wanted to know about Vibrating Wire piezometers including selection and installation.

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How to identify problems in the field through simple resistance diagnostics with readily available equipment.

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Geosense MEMS In-Place Bi-axial Tilt Meter

An introduction to Tilt Meters

Their types, selection, installation and operation together with toubleshooting.

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Geosense Portable MEMS inclinometer with cable, cable gates, reel and Smart Android DEvice

Portable inclinometer – system components & use

A look at the key features of the Geosense Portable Inclinometer plus installation tips and troubleshooting.

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Introduction to Magnetic Extensometers

Explaining their key components and configurations together with installation considerations.

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Load Cells – unexpected readings

Looking at the effects that mounting, alignment and temperature can have on the data.

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Grout mixer circulating grout

Grout for borehole instruments

We venture into the murky world of grout to find out what it takes to create the perfect mix.

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Testing Geosense MEMS Tilt Meter signal output

Explaining the different sensor outputs

Vibrating Wire, 4-20mA, Volt, and digital (RS-485) signal outputs - we look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

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