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1988 MGS (Marton Geotechnical Services) was formed as a partnership in 1988 by the two directors, Martin Clegg and Tony Osborne, initially to provide products to the UK on-shore drilling industry, mainly wellscreen and Bentonite pellets. The company grew quickly and began adding to its product range for drillers.

1990 The company incorporated as Marton Geotechnical Services Ltd and continued to add products through strategic partnerships with manufacturers from Europe and the USA for landfill and groundwater remediation applications.

1992 Acquired the company Geosense Ltd, which provided Geotechnical Instrumentation products worldwide. Under the MGS umbrella it developed its own range of vibrating wire sensors. MGS purchased a one hectare freehold property in Suffolk.

1997 Redeveloped the site with 3000mof purpose-built manufacturing facilities for the manufacture of Geosense and plastic fabrication products together with the main distribution of products for the UK drilling industry.

1998 Geosense engineers designed and developed a telescopic pipe system which was introduced into the UK landfill market following extensive discussions with the landfill industry and legislators. Telescopic systems accommodate the large settlements which occur in landfill sites and provide a long-term sustainable monitoring and extraction solution.

2000 Geosense designed, developed and introduced to the market a range of pneumatic environmental pumps including the GeoPump, PosiFlo and GeoSkimmer, used worldwide for groundwater remediation and landfill leachate applications.

2003 Appointed European & MENA distributor for RST Instruments of Canada.

2006 Completed first overseas dam contract in Syria for the Ministry of Irrigation

2008 Achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

2011 Developed Nova House, a 1100m2 purpose-built premises, to cater for the expansion in manufacturing of specialist MEMS and vibrating wire instruments and other associated products.

2013 Geosense de-merged from MGS as a separate limited company owned by Martin Clegg and Tony Osborne.

2014 Invited to become an Industry Partner in the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure (CSIC) which aims to develop and commercialise new and emerging technologies which will provide radical changes in the construction and management of infrastructure.

CSIC focuses on the innovative use of emerging technologies in sensor and data management (e.g. fibre optics, MEMS, computer vision, power harvesting, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless Sensor Networks )in all of which Geosense is actively involved.