Instant access to calibration data for Geosense equipment

We’re on a mission to make our sensors more user friendly than ever.

Introducing GeoConnect

GeoConnect is a digital store of our sensors calibration data making it easier to access the data that is important. Communicating with GeoConnect is simple using our GeoConnectAPI, you can interact with a sensor, to make your workflows simpler.

To showcase the power of Geoconnect, below you will find a link so you can download digital copies of our calibration records via our website using just the sensor type and serial number.

We are also working with our developer network to unlock the power of our sensors using Geoconnect, so watch this space.

Access calibration sheets

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Want to join our developer network?

If you have an idea of how our API could aid your workflow, please contact us today to discuss how we can unleash the power of our sensors together.