Extensometer IPI Combi

We’re excited to announce the launch of the IPI-X, an Automatic Magnetic Extensometer combined with In-Place Inclinometer. It is typically used to measure vertical and horizontal displacement from a single borehole in embankments, dam foundations, deep foundations and around tunnels and diaphragm walls.

It comprises the Geosense In-place Inclinometer with the addition of a low power digital positional sensor inside the adjoining extension rod. Up to 30 sensors (IPI or extensometer) can be connected to a Wi-SOS 480 digital node powered by WorldSensing’s G6 LoRa platform.

Magnetic targets are positioned at various locations along the length of the inclinometer casing, corresponding to the location of the positional sensors. Vertical displacement is measured by the relative position of the magnetic targets from their original position.

Horizontal displacement is measured through tilt by the IPI to provide a 3D profile of the borehole. All the digital sensors are BUSSED together using rigid rods allowing for a true 3D profile from the bottom to the top of the borehole.

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