NEW High Temp Piezo

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH – The Geosense VWPHT-3600 series High Temperature Piezometers.

Designed for the extreme environments of temperature and pressure found within applications such as geothermal heat and enhanced oil recovery systems including steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and cyclic steam stimulation (CSS). They are capable of monitoring high temperatures up to 250°C and pressures up to 34.5 MPa.

An internal high temperature thermistor (3k and 10k options) allows the temperature at the piezometer location to be measured.

Manufactured from high temperature and corrosion-resistant materials throughout, together with a comprehensive temperature calibration, they provide high accuracy stable long-term data with no zero shift.

Geosense Finalist in Geotechnical Awards

Geosense is a finalist in this year’s Ground Engineering Magazine Awards.

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Geosense sensors undergo full inspection

Every Geosense IPI sensor goes through a full visual and performance inspection before dispatch.

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Hydraulic VW Load Cells for Europe Project

A new batch of hydraulic vibrating wire load cells are destined for a project in Europe.

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