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Extensometers sent to Germany

Nov 21st, 2018

More news from our production department - This week the warehouse team were busy packing a five-point rod extensometer. The customer requested 500mm anchors rather than the standard 300mm. The order was placed on Friday and ready for despatch Monday morning. It is going to a former mine in Germany to monitor settlement during construction. The Geosense® GEO-XB2 borehole rod type extensometer range consists of a reference head and one or more in-hole anchors each of which is placed at a known depth and connected to the reference head by either a rigid or flexible rod running inside a flexible sleeve, which keeps the rod de-bonded from the grout. As the soil or rock deforms the distances between the in-hole anchors change, as do the distances between the individual in-hole anchors and the reference head. The magnitude, distribution and rate of deformation can be accurately measured at the reference head.

GeoXB2 Datasheet  V1.4.pdf

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