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Geosense in top 100

Nov 2nd, 2016

Geosense appears in Ground Engineering Magazine's 2016 Technical File of the top 100 UK geotechnical companies.

The Geotechnical Services File (GSF) is GE’s annual survey of the UK’s geotechnical and geo-environmental industry. The GSF aims to list all of the companies operating in the UK market and also provide insight into current market conditions and forecasts for the year ahead.

The magazine reports that Ground engineering is always the first to be affected when a downturn in the market hits because its work is focused on the early stages of construction but as a result it also always the first to recover too. Figures for the 2016 Geotechnical Services File (GSF) suggest that the UK ground engineering sector has not only recovered, the size of the market is now 20% larger than it was before the recession hit in 2008.

Geosense is placed at joint 84th place based on turn-over. In order to gain a place in the top 100 UK geotechnical businesses listing in 2015, companies needed a turnover of £0.5M or more. In 2016, just one business with a turnover of under £1M made it onto the top 100 listing. For the last few years the combined revenue of this group has hovered at around £1.18bn but this year the result for the top 100 is £1.47bn demonstrating the change of pace at all levels.

The report can be viewed at  http://www.geosense.co.uk/media/BlockAttributeValueFile/205/file/GeotechServicesFileStrengtheningMarketDigitalissueGroundEngineering.pdf

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