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Wireless system on M6 motorway

May 21st, 2018

A Geosense wireless monitoring system has been used in site investigations carried out as part of plans to improve Junction 10 of the M6. 

Four boreholes were drilled on steep embankments and a VW piezometer installed in each borehole. Due to the angle of the embankments, access to piezometers and data loggers was impractical and could have been dangerous and so each piezometer was connected to a single channel VW Wi-SOS 480 Node, housed in an upright cover to provide protection.

Each node was connected to a solar-powered Wi-SOS 480 Gateway. The nodes were located up to 300m from the Gateway through thick foliage and a beside a busy motorway. Some nodes were obscured by the bridge.

Data was sent remotely to the Wi-SOS 480 web portal via the GPRS connected gateway. Data was accessed remotely by both the client and customer.

The client was happy with the stability and ease of set up of the wireless system and data was sent reliably.

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