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Mersey Gateway from the Air

Apr 20th, 2017

Geosense instruments have been used in the  Mersey Gateway - a view of the project from the air has just been posted.
Geosense Multi-level VW piezometers were installed in boreholes to monitor groundwater profiles during construction. The distance from the North to the South bank cofferdams is approximately 400 metres. The piezometers were connected into a series of multi-channel Wi-SOS 480 wireless nodes, all of which were connected by 800MHz wireless to the Gateway. Data from the  piezometers was loaded via GPRS to the web portal which can be accessed via the Internet.


View the full case history at http://www.geosense.co.uk/media/Project/36/pdf/MerseyGatewayProjectV1.0.pdf 

The aerial view is at https://youtu.be/811unDkasB4

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