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Product Launch

Feb 11th, 2020

The new NexusGEO Bluetooth Interface from Geosense connects a wide range of sensors to an Android smart device so data can easily be accessed on site by a smartphone or tablet.

Developed by Geosense, it is designed to offer inter-operability between sensors with both analogue or digital outputs and the Android device. This means increased processing capability and connectivity over a standard readout.

The user can simply read and store data or read, store and transmit it via a mobile network.

The NexusGEO App makes it possible to download raw data or acquire calibration factors from the sensor which can then be used to convert the data into engineering units. All data can then be downloaded as a CSV file either locally onto the Android device or synchronised to a central database.

Colour-coded connections for the different analogue sensor types plus a simple digital connector make the NexusGEO® really easy to use. It comes complete with battery charger and colour coded ‘jumper cables’ complete with crocodile clips.


The NexusGEO® can be used on any Android device. The affordable rugged CAT® S41 is available from Geosense.


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