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For monitoring lateral movements and deformations in soil, rock and retaining structures.

Available either as portable or In-place (IPI) devices for the measurement of lateral earth movements in unstable slopes, landslides, dam and roadway embankments, and landfills. They can also be used to measure deflections in the walls of excavations, shafts, tunnels and in caissons, piles and sheet piling.

Placement of inclinometers is via specialist high tolerance inclinometer casing which has keyways formed at 90° into the internal surface and allows for their accurate orientation.

Data can be viewed in the field using the hand held PDA which has full graphing facilities or downloaded to a PC.

Take a look at our Technical Notes section with sections on Selection, Operation & Troubleshooting

Technical Notes on Inclinometers 

Technical Notes on Inclinometer Casing