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GeoLogger Linx Series

The GeoLogger Linx™ is a range of low-cost battery powered data loggers for stand-alone monitoring which can be used with all types of vibrating wire sensors such as piezometers, load cells, crack meters, joint meters, strain gauges, pressure cells, weir monitors and extensometers, together with their associated thermistors. 

The large 8MB internal memory enables the storage of up to 270,000 readings. As the internal memory operates as a USB mass storage device, the data is accessible through a mini USB interface allowing data to be easily transferred to a laptop device in the field in csv format.

Supplied with free LINX software, configuration for sensors and logger parameters, such as date, time, and sweep frequency range, is quick and easy.  Automatic uploading of calibration factors can also be done using a simple text file provided at the time of supply.

Housed in a rugged cast aluminium waterproof IP66 enclosure, GeoLogger Linx™ loggers are suitable for the harsh environment typically found within civil and structural engineering applications.