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Load Cell for Tunnel Linings & Struts

Take a look at our Technical Notes on Load Cells

This consists of a sensitive pressure pad formed by joining two stiff steel discs at their periphery. The void inside the cell is filled with de-aired fluid. When load is applied to the cell the pressure of the inside liquid changes. The changes in pressure correspond directly to the load applied.

The pressure in the loads cell is measured by a resistance transducer.

Mounting surfaces should be flat and parallel for optimum performance and the use of very stiff bearing plates and load distribution plates is recommended. Electric cable connects the load cells to a suitable remote readout system.

This model of load cells is used to monitor stresses in steel linings, struts, piles and support beams.

Load Cell Measuring range 1,900 & 3,000 kN
Accuracy >1% FS
Linearity +/-0.25%FS
Signal output 4-20 mA (current loop)
Cell plate Sensitised with 16 strain gauges
Repeatability > +/- 0.02% FS
Admissible loads 150% FS
Ultimate tensile strengths 300% FS
Operating temperature -20°C - +80°C
Plates capacity 1.900, 3.000 kN
Cell plate diameter 220, 270mm
Cell plate height 40mm
Total length including transducer 360, 410mm
Load distribution plate diameter 200, 250mm
Height 30mm