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Smart Mux Interface (SMI)

Sensor channels can be easily viewed and selected via the SmartMux Interface which replaces time-consuming rotary switches and readout.
Housed in a handy portable case, it reads directly digital sensors and when connected to the SmartMux modular multiplexer, it can read any sensor with VW, V, mV/V,               4-20mA, Pt100, NTC and RS485 outputs.

With an easy-view LCD menu, sensor readings can be viewed sequentially simply by scrolling through the menu. Data is also stored.

Internal Power Supply 12Vdc 2400mAh Ni-Mh battery pack
External Power Supply Battery Charger for 12V Ni-Mh
Operating Power Consumption 100mA
Power Output 12Vdc 650mA
Direct Inputs 1 x RS485
Via SmartMux VW, V, mV/V, 4-20mA, Pt100, NTC and RS485 up to 256 sensors
User Interface 14 Button Keypad, 128 x 64 backlit LCD Display
Memory Type SD card
Sampling Intervals 1 minute - 10 Days
Data Acquisition Method Locally via SD Card
Data storage > 2,000,000 in maximum configuration