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VW Readout VWR1

The Geosense®  VWR1 is a compact manual readout unit which can be used with all types of vibrating wire sensors.
Colour coded connections make the VWR1 easy to use with any type of sensor cable.
The simple display means that you do not have complicated multiple screen menus and can be operated with just two simple buttons.
The VWR1 comes with a rugged lightweight carry case complete with battery charger and colour coded “jumper cables” complete with crocodile clip

Signal inputs Vibrating wire, NTC
Internal Power Supply 9,6Vdc 800mAh Ni-Mh battery pack
External Power Supply Only Battery Charger for Ni-Mh chemistry, es. Batt.Ch. For MP12 and VWR1
Operating Power Consumption 80mA
User Interface 2 Button Keypad, 128 x 64 backlight LCD Display, VW audio feedback
VW Range 400 - 4800 Hz
NTC range 1 -39000 Ohm
Operating temperature - 20 to +70 ยบC
IP rating IP40
Dimensions 120 (L) x 85(B) x 35(H)mm
Weight 360g