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Wi-SOS 480 Signal Test Kit

One of the main problems for wireless systems, particularly in dense urban environments, is the reliability of signal strength. The Wi-SOS 480 Test Kit allows the suitability of a wireless sensor network to be checked prior to installation. This minimises the risk of installing a costly wireless system only to find its performance is unreliable and it needs to replaced by conventional cabling.

Instrumentation and Monitoring Contractors are finding it a useful asset in their pre-tender system-design and costings and it has enabled them to put forward wireless system proposals to their clients with confidence.

The Worldsensing G6 platform technology used in the Wi-SOS 480 now makes it possible to carry out a simple signal coverage test in four easy steps:

  • Position the Gateway
  • Connect Node to Tablet
  • Carry out readings around the site area
  • View signal strength via Wi-SOS WebCentre

A test takes as little as a couple of hours with minimal expertise and the data is available in real time via the internet.