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GeoAxiom Vista


Geosense® Geo-Axiom Vista is an easy to use software suite designed to allow the user to retrieve data from instruments or data loggers in near real time and process the information in either map, profile or graph formats.

Data can be taken from single or multiple instruments from a wide variety of sources including data loggers and robotic total stations. It can also have manual inputs added such as levelling survey readings.

Readings are automatically imported from almost any data acquisition system which are manipulated and displayed in user selected engineering units and compared to site specific thresholds. Over threshold alerts can be sent audibly and/or visually either at the monitoring station or via email or SMS.

It is available in three level options Lite, Standard and Professional all of which can be used with the Web Centre module. Geosense can carry out the original set up including calibration factors and zero points which can then be downloaded remotely by the end user through the Geo-Axiom website.

To view a demo version, visit http://geoaxiom.cloudapp.net/vdv/index.html using the following log-in:

  • Username: GeoAxiom Vista
  • Password: demo