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In-place Inclinometer

The new and improved Geosense In-place Inclinometer has a 20% smaller diameter sensor, is 38% lighter with the same trusted performance. The sensor is combined with the rod and with integrated connectors for speedy tool-free install.

The In-Place Inclinometer System (IPI) measures tilt and is used to calculate rotation and/or displacement in a vertical, inclined, or horizontal orientation. It is available with either Uniaxial or Biaxial sensors and as a rigid rod or wire rope system.

It consists of a series of wheeled sensors of varying lengths, connected together and set at the required depths within the inclinometer casing.

This rigid rod system (IPI-RR) has specially designed connections which link the sensors, allowing them to move independently to each other without influencing those above or below. This provides a profile of displacement over the complete length of the installation. The sensor gauge lengths can be varied to suit individual requirements. For example, more sensors can be concentrated in areas where movement is expected.

The wire rope system (IPI-WR) is designed for use where only specific zones are of interest rather than the profile of the entire borehole. In this system, sensors are linked with a wire rope rather than rods.

In both systems, a digital BUS runs the length of the chain of connected sensors eliminating the need for a separate cable for each sensor. A specially designed signal cable connection not only eliminates the need for external cables and connectors but ensures highly watertight joints and full EMC screening.

In-place inclinometers are typically used for safety critical applications where 'real time' monitoring and early warning is required in order to protect life and valuable assets. They are easy to automate using data acquisition systems and GeoAxiom Vista software.

Range - Vertical ±15° from vertical
Range - Inclined ±15° from 45°
Range - Horizontal ±15° from horizontal
Axis Uniaxial and biaxial
Output Signal RS-485 Digital bus
Resolution 2 arc sec (±0.01mm/m)
Operating Temperature -40 to ­+85°C
Compatible Casing Sizes 70-85mm