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Portable MEMS Inclinometer

The MEMS Portable Inclinometer System utilises the very latest in Bluetooth and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical) technology to provide fast and highly accurate readings.

The system comprises a slimline probe (detachable), lightweight cable reel and a rugged PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which is used to view and/or download data at the borehole. 

The probe is fitted with guide wheels and contains MEMS accelerometers measuring tilt in two perpendicular planes: One in the plane of the inclinometer wheels is known as the A axis; the other, in a plane perpendicular to that of the wheels, is known as the B axis.

Kevlar® reinforced cable is mounted on a lightweight, tough plastic reel which houses the Bluetooth module for wireless communication to the PDA. The cable is attached to the probe via a waterproof (to 1500m) quick connection which allows the probe to be detached, significantly reducing transport costs when returned for re-calibration.

The probe contains ‘on board’ calibration making it completely interchangeable with any reel. A MEMS Spiral Sensor is also available and is also compatible with any reel.

Take a look at our Technical Notes on using Portable Inclinometers

System comprises:

  • MEMS Digital probe & carrying case
  • Reel and cable with case & spare battery
  • PDA with data collection & transfer software
  • Charger & accessories for reel & PDA
  • 70 & 85mm inclinometer casing cable grips


  • Vertical         ±30° from vertical 
  • Inclined        ±15° from 45°         
  • Horizontal    ±30° from horizontal
Wheelbase 0.5m
Probe diameter 25.4mm
Probe length 719mm
Probe weight 1.4kg
Standard range ±30° from vertical
Data resolution 0.005mm per 500mm
Repeatability ±0.002°
System accuracy ±2mm per 25m
Temperature rating -40 to +70°C