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Portable MEMS Inclinometer


Blisworth Embankment - UK

As part of Network Rail’s extensive track upgrading on the London to Birmingham line, the Blisworth embankment required significant upgrading and reinforcement. As part of the construction and post construction requirements instruments were installed within the piles.

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Canary Wharf Station - Crossrail - UK

As part of innovative design to enable construction of the station box, a cofferdam was created to hold back the water around the worksite. This was made up of approximately 300 interlocking Giken steel and concrete piles and various supporting equipment. The largest piles supporting the dam are 38m long. Instrumentation was an integral part of minimising the risks associated with such a deep and innovative construction project.

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Chemususu Dam - Kenya

Chemususu Dam, completed in 2014, is now the third largest dam in Kenya. Geosense instrumentation was used in monitoring the dam construction integrity and long-term safety.

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Liverpool Street Station - London

Advanced station works have been carried out on the Moorgate shaft to provide ventilation and emergency access to the western end of the new Crossrail Liverpool Street station. As part of the first phase of monitoring, a series of Geosense vibrating wire piezometers, and inclinometer casing was installed prior to the diaphragm guide walls being installed.

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Whitechapel Station - London

As part of the first phase of monitoring, a series of Geosense borehole rod extensometers and inclinometers were installed prior to the diaphragm guide walls being installed. Future instrumentation to be installed includes In-place inclinometers, VW piezometers, VW strain gauges and a data logging system.

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Ziezoun Dam - Syria

As part of the re-building program a new design with an extensive monitoring system is currently being implemented. The new dam design includes a much deeper foundation which is intended to remove the weak strata identified as part of the reason for the failure. Geosense instrumentation was used to monitor the dam integrity by monitoring key areas.

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Vale Teluk Rubiah - Malaysia

Geosense instrumentation has been used in a $5.6 billion iron ore distribution centre in Manjung, Perak, Malaysia. The project includes a deep water jetty and onshore stockyard.

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Shahdag Tourism Complex - Azerbaijan

The most critical section of this tourism complex is the 24m high earth dam to create a reservoir for water storage to provide a continuous supply for snow production. A monitoring system was required for both construction control and the long-term performance and overall stability of the reservoir.

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