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sensemetrics is the only proven plug-and-play sensor management solution that simplifies sensor data capture to provide real-time data visualisation.

Any Geosense analogue or digital sensor can be connected to the cloud-based platform using the sensemetrics’ Thread gateway, which dynamically creates edge network connectivity and securely transfers data to the cloud.

Additional Geosense products such as the SmartMux and Linx Logger provide expanded connectivity features to the system. 

It is an end-to-end solution for complete sensor data capture, standardisation and real-time data visualisation.

Features include:

  • Maps - Top down view of project sites via 2D base maps with sensor data displayed at each sensor location
  • Graphs - Create multiple graph types from sensor data including time series, XY, and scatter for data visualisation and analysis
  • Alerts - Automatically receive real-time email notifications containing calculation metrics and sensor status when sensor data reaches user specified threshold
  • Data Tables - View data from multiple sensor types in standardised data tables for easy insight and comparison

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