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Liquid Settlement System

The Geosense®  VWLSS-200 Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System is used to monitor settlement or heave in soils and other structures such as embankments, earth and rockfill dams.

The main components are a reservoir (single or multiple), liquid-filled tubing and a vibrating wire pressure transducer cell mounted on a plate or, for borehole application, attached to an anchor.

The vibrating wire sensor is attached to a settlement plate at the point of estimated settlement. The sensor is connected via two liquid-filled tubes which are connected to a reservoir located on stable ground. 
As the transducer settles with the surrounding ground the height of the column is increased and the corresponding higher pressure is measured by the transducer.

Settlements are calculated by converting the pressure to millimetres of liquid head.

Standard Range* 7, 17 metres
Sensor accuracy 0.1% full scale
System accuracy Site dependent
Resolution 0.025% full scale
Temperature range -20°C to +80°C

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