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VW Pressure Transducer

The Geosense® VWT-9000 Series of Pressure Transducers are designed to be connected directly into hydraulic or pneumatic pressure lines by means of a 1/4” BSPF thread. Other thread sizes are available on request.

They are typically used to monitor uplift pressures within dams and to enable manual standpipe piezometers to be upgraded into an automated data acquisition system.

They are accurate, highly-reliable and suitable for use in the harsh environments often found within civil engineering including water wells, boreholes, dams, reservoirs, rivers, tanks or any other body of water.

Vibrating Wire technology is a well-proven method of converting fluid pressures on a sensitive diaphragm into a frequency signal which is capable of long transmission distances without degradation, tolerant of wet wiring conditions and resistant to external electrical noise.

Model Description Pressure Range

Standard 1/4” BSPF 

345, 518, 690 kPa 1, 2, 3.5, 5, 7 10, 20 MPa


Low Pressure 1/4” BSPF    70, 173 kPa


Material 316 Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +70°C
Over Voltage Protection 90V Gas Plasma Arrester
Thermistor 3k Ohms @ 25°C
Frequency Range 1850-3500 Hz