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Water Level Meter

A Water Level and Temperature Meter is used to determine the water level and temperature within a borehole, piezometer pipe or sump.

It consists of a stainless steel shrouded probe with a specially designed conductive probe to minimise displacement errors, providing unparalleled accuracy particularly in small bore piezometers.

As the probe is lowered into the water, a single audible buzz is heard and a red light shows.

The temperature is shown in degrees Celsius on an LCD digital display mounted on the side of the reel.

Mounted on a rugged lightweight drum with integral brake and probe holder for easy operation and storage and has all the same features as the standard water level meter.

Probe diameter 14mm
Probe length 150mm
Probe material Austenitic stainless steel
Tape type Steel mm markings
Tape width 11.5mm