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Wi-SOS 480

The Wi-SOS 480 (Wireless Sensor Observation System) provides a system to transmit, receive and data log remotely signals from any sensor with a vibrating wire, voltage, 4-20mA, SDI12 or resistance output over long ranges up to 15 km.

Stand-alone Wireless Tilt Meters are also available which can be integrated into the system, together with any type of Node. The user can configure, diagnose, and download from a mobile device using android technology.

The system has passed London Underground requirements for fire safety and electromagnetic compatibility and minimises cable runs for asset monitoring of tunnels and shafts. The system has the LUL product ID number 3576.

The Wi-SOS 480 is a star network consisting of a series of wireless nodes and a gateway. The gateway collects the data from the long-range star network, stores it locally and it is available to view and/or download via GPRS, wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. No system planning is required and repeaters are not required, saving on installation costs.

What makes Wi-SOS 480 different to other wireless systems is the use of data modulation via the Worldsensing G6 Platform which uses the latest LoRa spread spectrum technology. This technology means long range, low cost, low power consumption and high connectivity.

Software is embedded in the gateway, which allows it to be fully configurable over air or Ethernet and a fast mode allows full diagnostics to ensure correct operation of the system.

The Wi-SOS 480 Web Centre provides a platform to download data and view it on PC, tablet or mobile phone; or the data can be forwarded to any FTP for inputting into most visualisation software.

The Wi-SOS 480 offers a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for projects where a cabled solution is not possible due to physical barriers and/or access restrictions and where near real-time monitoring is required.