Geo-Axiom Vista
Geo-Axiom Vista
Geo-Axiom Vista
Geo-Axiom Vista
Geo-Axiom Vista

Geo-Axiom Vista

GeoAxiom Vista is a specialist Geotechnical software which provides data handling, storage, visualisation, alarms, reporting and web based access from any size of automatic data acquisition system.

For the visualisation and presentation of data from:

  • Vibrating wire sensors
  • 4-20 mA sensors
  • mV sensors
  • Inclinometers
  • Robotic Total Stations
  • Manual readings
  • GPS stations
  • Webcam

It comprises of three main components:

  1. DataStore
    Data from any system is transferred into the GeoAxiom Vista DataStore which is MySQL database and includes a wizard (db.robot.c) for building SQL queries to retrieve data which can be viewed in a table or graph and saved to any computer. All operations are automatic and invisible to the user so there is no need to be a database specialist
  2. DataViewer
    All data within the DataStore can be accessed via the DataViewer using a powerful web browser ( which allows the user to view trend lines, inclinometer data, real time displays and G-Maps
  3. Internet Publisher
    Using a special web browser (db.web.browser) most of the information within can be published to the internet and can therefore be accessed via any internet browser.

Technical Specification

Single or multiple
Number of data loggers
Single or multiple
Number of data tables
Number of charts
Single or multiple
Number of profiles
Single or multiple
Number of maps
Up to 10
Number of data entries
Up to 33,000 per day
Operating system requirement
Microsoft SQL server