GeoLogger CR Series
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GeoLogger CR Series

The Geologger CR Series is built around the Campbell Scientific CR300, CR6, and CR1000X control modules and offers reliable remote monitoring under demanding geotechnical conditions.

Functions include sensor measurement, timekeeping, data reduction, data storage, control and alarm notification.

The CR series of data loggers are capable of monitoring all types of sensors including vibrating wire, strain gauge, MEMS (analogue & digital), thermistor, linear potentiometer etc.


There are three main models – the CR300, CR6 and CR1000X – and other options are available on request.

The requirement for monitoring varies widely depending on the project and the final configuration will depend on the type, number, precision and speed of measurements required. Each Geosense CR Series data logger is pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-tested and pre-programmed prior to delivery meaning quick and easy set up on site.

Designed to be mounted in the field, the CR series is mounted in robust water resistant IP66 enclosures to provide maximum protection under the harshest environments.