GeoPump Range
GeoPump Range
GeoPump Range

GeoPump Range

A range of fully automatic, inherently safe, ATEX approved, pneumatic pumps designed to be installed within boreholes. The GeoPump™ is operated by compressed air and features an internal float which automatically controls the pump itself and regulates the liquid level. No other liquid level control is required.

This automatic float technology has been used worldwide for use within groundwater remediation projects and the control of landfill leachate and landfill gas condensate.

It is designed to fit into in 2, 3 and 4 inch diameter boreholes and has top and bottom fill capability. A full range of accessories including filter regulators, cycle counters, well heads and fittings are also available.


Technical Specification

44, 67, 89mm
26 to 55 lit/min
Pressure range
2 to 7 bar
Air usage
26 to 192 lit/min
Minimum density range
0.7 SpG
Stainless steel, PUR, Delrin®, GRP