Hydraulic Anchor Load Cell HLC-6000
Hydraulic Anchor Load Cell HLC-6000
Load Cells

Hydraulic Anchor Load Cell HLC-6000

The Geosense® HLC-6000 series Hydraulic Anchor Load Cells consist of a sensitive pressure pad formed by joining two stiff steel discs at their periphery. The void inside the cell is filled with de-aired fluid. When load is applied to the cell the pressure of the inside liquid changes. The changes in pressure correspond directly to the load applied.

Manufactured with a centre hole to accommodate anchors, rock bolts and tendons.

The pressure in the loads cell is measured either by a manometer or a vibrating wire transducer (VWDT-5000) and are available in the following models:

  • HLC-6000 – Manometer (scale in kN) for pressure indication
  • HLC-6500 – Vibrating wire transducer

Model HLC-6500 can be read with a VW-2106 direct readout or connected into a GeoLogger data acquisition system.

Mounting surfaces should be flat and parallel for optimum performance and the use of very stiff abutment plates and load distribution plates is recommended.

The abutment plate (provided locally) is normally made to suit specific site requirements and the load distribution plate (supplied by Geosense) should be inserted between the load cell and the anchor head.

Technical Specification

250 to 2000kN
Internal diameters
40, 71, 92, 110, 130, 165, 190, 210mm
Over range capacity
20% FS
HLC-6000: 0.5% FS; HLC-6500:0.025% FS
HLC-6000: manometer class ±1 % FS; HLC-6500: ± 1.0% FS
Temperature range
-30°C to + 85°C
Output signal
HLC-6000: Manual; HLC-6500: Frequency