In-place Tilt Meter Electrolytic
Tilt Sensors

In-place Tilt Meter Electrolytic

The Digital EL In-Place Tilt Meter measures uniaxial or biaxial tilt, which is measured from the plane(s) perpendicular to the base.

It is designed to be installed in either the vertical or horizontal position by either bonding, bolting or strong magnetic fixing directly to a structure or mounting plate.

The tilt sensors, based on well-established Electrolytic technology, are mounted within a rugged, heavy-duty waterproof die-cast metal enclosure suitable for the harsh environments found within construction and building industries.

In order to compensate for the effects of temperature on the enclosure, mountings and structure, the unit is fitted with an integral thermistor.

The digital RS-485 output signal provides the ultimate in accuracy together with the advantage of being able to create a digital BUS system where all sensors can be linked and cable quantities significantly reduced.

Each unit is individually calibrated to provide the ultimate in system accuracy and repeatability.