Inclinometer Casing XC

Inclinometer Casing XC

Geosense® XC (External Coupler) Inclinometer Casing is a precision extruded from ABS, with four precise keyways formed at 90 degrees which allow accurate installation of portable and in-place inclinometers.

Standard joints are made by using external couplers which are glued to each end of the casing. Telescopic sections are riveted together to allow movement during settlement and sealed with mastic and tape to prevent the ingress of water and grout.

Advantages of the XC Inclinometer casing is that it can  be cut and re-joined on site allowing maximum flexibility and makes any damage easily repairable.

It can be used in boreholes, fill material, cast into concrete or attached to structures and is designed to move with the ground, material or structure to provide inclination information over a period of time.

As the casing is designed to deform with movement of the ground or structure the useful life of the casing ends when the continued movement of the casing causes deformation of shear so that the inclinometer probe can no longer be placed into the casing. Larger casing generally ensures a longer life.

Where vertical settlement or heave is anticipated to be greater than 2% it is recommended to use telescopic sections to eliminate axial load on the casing which would cause buckling.

A full range of accessories including bottom and top caps, anchors and groutable anchors are available and can be used in conjunction with magnetic targets for combined inclinometer/magnetic extensometers.

Technical Specification

ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)
Groove spiral
< 0.3°/3m
Joint strength
710 Kgf
Maximum Temperature
Natural (other available on request)