IPX In-place Extensometer
IPX In-place Extensometer
IPX In-place Extensometer
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IPX In-place Extensometer

The In-Place Extensometer (IPX) offers automated monitoring of standard magnetic extensometer installations. The system is designed for a simple, adaptable installation with a single cable connection at the top of the borehole. Its large measurement range accommodates large levels of settlement or heave, and ease of adjustment means it can be reconfigured for changed site conditions such as embankment filling or cutting.

  • Compatible

The IPX can be installed in most standard magnetic extensometer installations. It is compatible with most leading digital geotechnical data loggers and its low power consumption allows over 50 sensors to be connected to a single battery powered logger.

  • Adaptable

Easily raised through fill or reduced with cutting – the IPX’s distinct bottom-supported configuration allows easy extension or reduction without interfering with the existing sensors.

  • Adjustable

A unique coiled cable system allows adjustment of the sensor spacing according to site conditions. The cable’s coiled section allows 500mm of adjustment to the sensor’s position within the borehole.

Technical Specification

Signal output
Digital RS-485, Modbus
Power supply
Power consumption (idle/ active)
229mW/ 87mW
Time per measurement (warm-up/ reading)
20.3 seconds/ 2 seconds
Temperature range -40° to 80°
-40°C to 80°C
Max sensors per string
Max length of string