Mikolit B Bentonite Pellets
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Mikolit B Bentonite Pellets

Mikolit B® is a sealing pellet which requires no mixing or pumping. It is a patented clay-based pellet with a very low dust content. It is a high grade bentonite pellet manufactured from a mix of activated calcium bentonites to provide a high swelling capacity of 180-200%.

All Mikolit B® pellets have excellent sinking qualities and are easy to use.

SHELF LIFE: Unlimited if unopened & kept in a dry location; PACKAGING: 25kg waterproof bags, 42 bags per Europallet (disposable). 500 & 1000kg ‘Big Bags’ also available.


  • Borehole sealing
  • Isolating instrumentation and sampling zones



  • 180-200% swelling capacity
  • Suitable for use in seawater
  • Pre-formed pellet
  • Delayed swelling
  • No grout loss
  • No grouting/mixing machines required
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low permeability
  • Dust-free

Technical Specification

Pellet Size
± 8mm (D); 7-12mm(L)
Processing Time
Sinking Speed In Water
Saturated Density
~1.70-1.80 t/m³
Bulk Density
~1.0 t/m³
Delayed Swelling Tim
~ 12 minutes
Swelling Capacity
180-200% Swelling Pressure: 12-15 kN/m² Permeability:<10-12m/s