Multi-point VW Piezometer
Multi-point VW Piezometer
Multi-point VW Piezometer
Multi-point VW Piezometer

Multi-point VW Piezometer

Fully grouted installation permits multiple piezometers to be simply and reliably installed in a single borehole. The piezometer string and grout pipe are placed in the borehole and cement-bentonite grout is pumped until the borehole is filled.

Multi-point Piezometer Strings allow for multiple Vibrating Wire Piezometers to be connected on a single cable. This facilitates the installation of fully grouted multiple piezometers. The single cable prevents vertical void channels. Tough urethane jacketed, Kevlar® reinforced, non-stretch cable is employed to withstand the rigours of installation and is entirely water-blocked to minimize any leakage. No conductors are shared to maximize independent reliability of each sensor.

Vibrating Wire Piezometers provide excellent long-term accuracy, stability of readings and reliability under demanding geotechnical conditions. Vibrating Wire Piezometers are the electrical piezometers of choice as the frequency output of vibrating wire devices is immune to external electrical noise, and able to tolerate wet wiring common in geotechnical applications.

Technical Specification

Over range
1.5 x FS
0.025% F.S. minimum
0.1% FS
Operating Temperature
-20 to +70°C
316 stainless steel
Pressure range
345 kPa to 3.5 MPa