Portable Tilt Meter
Tilt Sensors

Portable Tilt Meter

Portable MEMS Tilt Meters use a MEMS inclinometer to measure tilt in either one or two axial planes, perpendicular to the surface of the base plate. Depending on the model, the output is an analog DC signal or digital output and is directly proportional to the sine of angle of tilt.

In the horizontal position the DC output is zero. Portable MEMS Tilt Meters require the tilt meter to be placed in a reproducible position on a reference plate attached to the surface being monitored. The portable tilt meter system has a demountable sensor and is designed for applications where a large number of measuring points are to be observed.

Portable MEMS Tilt Meter systems consist of the tilt meter, interconnecting cable, stainless steel tilt plates, and the readout instrument. Tilt plates are bolted or bonded to the structure to accurately, and repeatedly, locate the sensor.

Technical Specification

±15° (other ranges on request)
Analogue ±5 arc sec; Digital ±2 arc sec
Non-linearity (analog) ±0.05% F.S.
Analogue ±0.05% FS; Digital ±0.0125% FS
Analogue ±0.025% FS; Digital ±0.0125% FS
Stainless steel / Aluminium IP65 enclosure
4.710 kg