Rod Settlement System GEO-XR
Rod Settlement System GEO-XR
Settlement Monitors

Rod Settlement System GEO-XR

The GEO-XR single point rod settlement system is used to monitor sub-surface settlement or heave of ground.

The system comprises a series of inner steel rods and plastic outer sleeves together with plates when positioned on ground before fill or Borros type anchors when used in boreholes.

The inner steel rod is made from heavy duty 1metre lengths of 25mm outside diameter with a 3/4” BSPM thread with external socket.

The outer plastic sleeves in 1metre lengths  can be 60mm (2”) or 165 mm (6”) diameter with flush threads so that the inner and outer rod can be extended together.

A circular or square thick steel plate with a 3/4” BSPF socket welded onto it allows the datum plate to be placed and the first inner rod connected. Outer sleeves are placed over the steel rods as filling occurs.

Technical Specification

Steel rod OD
25, 33mm
Steel rod ID
19, 25mm
Steel rod connection
3/4”, 1” BSPF/M
Steel rod length
PVC sleeve OD
60, 165mm
PVC sleeve ID
52, 150mm
PVC sleeve connection
Flush thread
PVC sleeve length