Rotary Wire Extensometer GEO-XW100

Rotary Wire Extensometer GEO-XW100

The GEO-XW100 Rotary Wire Extensometer is designed to monitor the changes in distance between two anchor points up to a maximum of 30 metres apart.

It comprises a rotary potentiometric displacement gauge, an opposing anchor and a stainless steel wire that runs between the displacement gauge and the opposing anchor. With a wire extension kit, the length of the wire can be extended up to a maximum distance of 30 metres.

The displacement gauge is housed within a rugged steel enclosure with a mounting plate for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Two options for installation are available as follows:

  • Exposed wire in combination with expansion anchor and eyebolt typically for attaching to rock or concrete.
  • Wire running within a protective sleeve where the bottom anchor is mounted in the bottom cap at the end of the protective sleeve. The protective sleeves can either be mounted on posts above ground or buried typically used for slope and/or landslide monitoring.

Technical Specification

Sensor type
Potentiometric linear transducer
Displacement range
1800mm to 8300mm (model dependent)
± 1mm (dependent on temperature)
Non linearity
± 0.25% FS (1800mm to 4300mm); ± 0.5% FS (4800mm to 8300mm)
± 0.03mm
Output signal
Power supply
12-30 VDC