Standpipe Piezometer

Standpipe Piezometer

Simple and economic measurement of groundwater pressures in soil and rock can be carried out using Casagrande type (standpipe) piezometers.

Geosense® Casagrande piezometers are made up of low air entry porous plastic or ceramic elements which are connected to standpipe tubing and lowered into a predrilled borehole. Alternative types may be driven or pushed into soft soil.

Where Casagrande type piezometers are being installed then the porous element is surrounded by filter sand and a Bentonite seal placed above this response zone.

Water level measurements are normally taken using a water level meter (dip meter) or in the case of artesian pressure a Bourdon pressure gauge is attached to the top.

Technical Specification

HDPE, Alumo Silicate, PVC
Tip pore size
Tip permeability
3 x 10-4 m/s
Standpipe Thread
Standpipe length
1, 3m