Tilt Beam MEMS
Tilt Sensors

Tilt Beam MEMS

MEMS Tilt Beams are designed for attachment to structures, on either a vertical or horizontal surface, for the measurement of tilt or differential settlement.

They consist of a highly accurate MEMS sensor housed in a fully sealed enclosure which is mounted on a lightweight rigid GRP beam. This can be mounted onto the structure using special anchors. The GRP beam has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion meaning that thermal affects are minimised.

Both ends of the beam are fixed and when multiple beams are placed end to end, a differential displacement profile of the structure from anchor point to anchor point can be derived.

The design of the beam and end fixings means the beam can easily be cut to any length on site to accommodate any unexpected changes or constraints.

Each unit is individually calibrated to provide the ultimate in system accuracy and repeatability. It can be used in conjunction with a hand-held readout, automatic data acquisition systems such as the GeoLogger G8-Plus or the Wi-SOS 480 Digital Node to provide a wireless monitoring solution.


Technical Specification

±5° ±10°±15°
RS-485/digital BUS
Uniaxial and biaxial
2 arc sec
7.2 arc sec
0.5, 1, 2, 3m (other lengths available on request)
Operating Temp
-40 to 85°C