Tunnel Profile Monitoring System

Tunnel Profile Monitoring System

The Tunnel Profile Monitoring System is a series of linked rods, fixed to the tunnel wall, to monitor deformation. A data logging system and related software is available to provide near real time displacement and generate a graphical representation of tunnel performance.

A system of linked arms is affixed to the tunnel wall.  Each arm is fitted with a high accuracy displacement sensor and precision tilt meter. Spatial displacement of the pins and arms results in changed tilt and displacement readings. The data logger system automatically collects the data and transmits it to a computer. The computer then analyses the data, and calculates the displacement profile for presentation.

The system is available in either open or closed loop configurations. The closed loop method is analogous to conventional closed end survey techniques, while the open loop must be referenced to a known location.

Technical Specification

±15° (other ranges upon request)
±2 arc sec. (±0.0006°) (0.01 mm/m)
Non linearity
±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Accelerometer, Digital Bus
Operating Temperature
-40 to 85°C