Wi-SOS 480 4G Gateway Edge
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Wi-SOS 480 4G Gateway Edge

The Wi-SOS 480 4G rugged gateway is an outdoor LoRa gateway equipped with an internal antenna and a 4G worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback. It is suitable for a wide variety of projects: construction areas, tailings dams, open pits, bridges, railways, roadways, soil consolidation projects and others.


  • External waterproof connectors (RJ45, SIM card) eliminating the need to open the casing during installation.
  • Easy installation mounting kit.
  • Integrated internal antenna for GPS, 4G and LoRa (peak gain=2,6dBi), external LoRa antenna 3dBi or 6dBi available as options).
  • USB (type C) connector for local access.
  • Faster processor (operating in a single-gateway architecture, it can manage up to 30 data messages per minute).
  • Compatible with the Connectivity Management Tool (CMT) Edge software.